Working practice and conditions guidelines in response to Covid-19


This document outlines a set of guidelines that have been implemented across the hotels within Tifco Hotel Group. The guidelines have been issued in response to today’s Government announcement which are in response to the recommendations from the NPHET that Ireland move to Delay Phase.
Today 12/03/20, Ireland introduces new measures as part of our effort to interrupt the transmission of COVID-19.

•    individuals who have symptoms should self-isolate for a period of 14 days.

•    individuals should reduce discretionary social contacts as much as possible.

•    elderly or medically vulnerable people should reduce as much as possible contacts outside home.

•    there should be no mass gatherings:
a) involving more than 100 people if located indoors
b) involving more than 500 people if located outdoors

•    closure of museums, galleries and tourism sites

•    closure to students of schools, creches, other childcare facilities and higher education institutions.

•    reduction of workplace contacts, and implementation teleconferencing where possible and not to travel for meetings. Work time and break times should be staggered, where possible.

NPHET further recommends that these measures should be introduced until Sunday 29 March 2020. The impact of these measures will be under continuous review. 
(Source:, 12/03/20),
While continuing to operate our primary concern is the safety of all our Staff and Customers. Based on guidelines from the Public Health Authorities the following measures should be implemented where appropriate.

These procedures are in addition to and should be used in conjunction with the previously issued Covid-19 Tifco Hotel Group procedures issued on 27th Feb 2020. 


Guidelines for Public areas, reception and lobby

(used in conjunction with the previously issued departmental response action card).

o    A dedicated staff member will be regularly wiping surfaces with the hotel issued sanitizer in the lobby or other public areas.

o    Visible notices and reminders are to be placed on the hotel reception desk, and the welcome area of  the other hotel outlets and throughout the hotel reminding guests to wash hands regularly and use hand sanitizer, and also visible notices informing guests of  of the measures being taken to protect them and staff.

o    Hand sanitizers have been placed at the front desk, 

o    Check in — to limit physical interaction between staff and guests a series of measures have been taken to implement social distancing— e.g. ask can bills be emailed to guests rather than printed? Avoid sharing pens / pencils; temporarily suspend the need for guests to sign the guest registration card.

o    The hotel receptionist will verbally confirm guests check in details, date of arrival, check out date, room type, Room rate and Rate package.

o    To limit the need for repeat contact at check out, guests will be offered the opportunity to pay at check in for their accommodation.

o    The credit card machine will be wiped down sanitized between transactions.

o    Every effort is being taken to reduce the use of cash exchange as much as possible by encouraging the use of Cards.

o    A Return Room Key box have been placed on the reception desk. All keys being returned by guests are to be placed in this. Returned electronic Room Keys will be disposed of. Traditional turn keys should be sanitized before re-issuing to guests.



(to be used in conjunction with F&B department response action card).

o    We are encouraging Credit / Debit card payment, or room charge to reduce the exchange of cash. 

o    All food and drink Menus will be cleaned down and sanitized after each use. 

o    Online menus - Offer the option for guests to view menu on their own device, from the website. Ensure current menus are up to date and available on your website. Forchetta Dinner Menu | Forchetta Pizza Menu | Forchetta Early Bird Menu​​​​​​​ | Forchetta​​​​​​​ Table d’hôte Menu​​​​​​​ | Forchetta​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ Dessert MenuForchetta​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ Breakfast MenuForchetta​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ Wine Menu | Sanctuary Bar Dinner MenuSanctuary Bar Drinks Menu​ | Sanctuary Bar Lunch Menu​​​​​​

o    All sharing plates on menus will no longer be available to order.

o    Sanitize every table after each guest/s use, condiments, saltshakers etc. cleaned after every use. 

o    A dedicated member of staff will be in the public areas constantly cleaning surfaces with the appropriate cleaning agent and hotel issued sanitizer. 
o    Where possible we have considered the workflow of cutlery, crockery, glasses etc. coming from the dishwasher, glass washer or storage to the shelves and eventually customers. Then look at the workflow of the return of dirty glasses, plates etc. from the public to where they are to be cleaned. If possible, we are keeping these flows separate. 

o    Wrap clean cutlery if possible. (For breakfast or Buffets, Individual serving spoons will be placed at each table as part of their cutlery for each guest —guests then use that spoon to get food from fruit and other sections at breakfast. This will be communicated at breakfast. 

o    Staff are being trained not to touch the inside or outside of the tops of glasses or cups being served, and that glasses/cups etc. are served to the public by someone who is consistently washing their hands.  

o    Where Buffet breakfasts or buffet meals are in place. A member of Staff will serve guests at the buffet counter — one person serving guests limits the opportunity of cross contamination created by multiple contacts with the same surfaces.

o    We will take every effort to ensure guests are not queueing for tables at breakfast or buffets. 

o    To ensure social distancing is being adhered to ensure there is a minimum distance of 1 meter per set table. No more than 100 guests in the restaurant at any one time. Where possible we are encouraging guests to dine at pre booked times

o    We will no longer accept reusable cups or water bottles



(to be used in conjunction with departmental response action card Housekeeping).

o    A staff member will be dedicated to continuously the corridors and public areas for  regular cleaning and sanitizing of elevator buttons, door handles etc.

o    Housekeeping staff must wear gloves, clean every surface, with focus on constantly touched areas — handles of wardrobes, coffee machine, remotes, switches etc. and then leaves room, removes and discards gloves and begins again. 

o    We are removing for the time being any unnecessary objects that are not changed daily that other previous guests may have touched e.g. pens, notebooks, magazines, throws and cushions.  Anything not changed daily should be removed.

Conferences meetings and events spaces.

Where possible we will offer larger conference / meeting rooms to allow for social distancing of a minimum of 1 meter and or a full chair or two between guests? 

o    A maximum number of 100 people per room.

o    Appropriate supply of hand sanitiser units will be placed in the conference and meeting rooms which is regularly replenished.

o    Hand sanitizer units and Wash hands notices will be in place at all tea and coffee stations

o    We are using paper sachets of sugar or wrapped cubes rather than any open surfaces. 

o    Conference / meeting lunches will only be catered for in a controlled environment i.e. Bar / or Restaurant. No sharing platters are to be offered.
o    We will provide tissues and no-touch disposal receptacles for use by attendees. 

o    Visible notices and reminders to wash hands and use hand sanitiser and also visible notices informing attendees of the measures we are taking to protect them and our staff have been put in place


Spa, Wellness & Leisure centre

o    We may need to close parts of your leisure centre offering e.g. thermal suite, Sauna and Steam Room. 

o    Where possible we are managing the spa or salon element of the business through time slots to allow for social distancing? 

o    Have hand sanitizer units and Wash hands notices have been put in place on the welcome desk and though out the department.

o    Guests are being requested to return used Guest towels directly to a laundry bin.

o    Hotels offering Children’s play are ensuring that hand sanitizer is widely available in the area and wash hands notices are put in place.