Crowne Plaza Dundalk Sustainability Policy 2021/2022 


  1. Vision/mission/company ethos 

  • At Crowne Plaza Dundalk our core values are to limit the negative impact that our organisation has on the environment by exploring ways in which we can limit the effect of our work in all aspects of the hotel. 


  • We believe in adhering to the 3 pillars of sustainability (Environmental, economic and social) and are committed to sustainable development within the hospitality industry. Sustainable tourism is at the height of importance to us. We believe that it is our mission to exceed the expectations of our guests by enhancing the positive impacts of tourism through sustainability 

  • It is our vision to protect the environment by reducing waste, plastic & water usage and therefore this will have a beneficial knock on effect on our local communities. Thus, it is our mission to only commit to greener companies that promise to ensure our waste is reused, repurposed and recycled. 

  • Crowne Plaza Dundalk is aware that its business activities has a negative impact upon the environment and we are committed to alleviating those negative impacts as it’s our responsibility to do so. We wish to highlight and enhance the positive impacts the tourism industry can have on both community and the environment. 


Statement from Umbrella Policy:  

At TIFCO Hotel group our core values are to be committed to protecting the environment for future generations.  




  1. UNWTO definition 

  • At Crowne Plaza Dundalk, we believe that sustainable tourism is tourism that takes full account of its current and future economic, social, and environmental impacts while addressing the needs of visitors, the industry, the environment, and host communities (UNWTO, n.d.). We therefore aim to reduce our negative effects and increase our positive impacts.  


  1. Continuous improvement 

  • We aren’t perfect yet, but we are committed to continuously improving our efforts.  

  • At Crowne Plaza Dundalk we are continuously exploring ways to reduce energy costs, and water usage, as well as our recycling efforts by constantly researching and improving various ways of resource management. We aim to set out and accomplish achievable goals & targets that will enable us for sustainable development within the hospitality industry. 


Statement from Umbrella Policy: 

We aren’t perfect yet, but we are committed to continuously improving our efforts. At Tifco Hotel Group we are on a journey & we will endeavour to achieve our goals and targets and continue to evolve in the future.  


  1. Measuring and reducing negative impacts 

4a. Energy consumption  

  • We measure our electricity usage at the end of month in KWh. This is recorded on the 1st working day of the following month. Our energy providers, ESB, provides renewable energy and has retained a renewable cert to prove this. We aim to reduce our energy consumption by 7% within the next 12 months by: 

  •  Educating all team members on the conservation of energy & ensure all appliances are switched off when not in use i.e. computers & printers shut down, lights switched off, A/C switched off etc 

  • Using effective smart tools that help control energy usage 


Statement from Umbrella Policy: 

We ask our hotels to commit to measuring electricity consumption every months and to do the following to reduce consumption by 7% within the next 12 months by: 

  • Use smart building controls through BMS lowering electricity and gas consumption 

  • Ensure that PIR sensors are in place in all suitable locations in the hotels  

  • Educate all team members on the conservation of energy & ensure that all appliances are switched off when not in use 

  • Use Sub-metering and (part of) energy management hub 


4b. Water consumption  

We measure our water use at the meter installed on site. This is recorded monthly. We aim to engage in the following activities in order to reduce water consumption throughout the hotel: 

  • Provide written material on how to conserve water within the hotel for both a team member and a guest. We aim to give guests the opportunity to contribute to a greener stay. 

  • For team members, we will incorporate mandatory courses off TOAST to broaden their knowledge on sustainable tourism and how they can contribute. 

  • Within our bathrooms, we have implemented cut off / sensor taps alongside timed urinal cleaning. We also have installed dual flush toilets in all guest and team member facilities.  

  •  Within our showers, we have installed aerator shower heads to allow for a much lower flow of water. 

  • Provide informational hallmarks regarding the green engage scheme i.e. linen reuse program, refilling complimentary water bottles and highlight the positive effect aerated shower heads have on the water consumption.   


Statement from Umbrella Policy: 

We ask our hotels to engage in the following reduction activities over the next 12 months:  

  • apply a reduce, reuse, re-educate water policy for guests in all hotels 

  • apply a reduce, reuse, re-educate water policy for team members 

 in all hotels 

  • Provide written material on how to conserve water in all hotels for guests & staff 

  • Target of under x liters per guest night in all hotels  

  • Implement the use of tools to minimise the quantities of water used in toilet flushes, showers etc. where possible 

  • Continue to conserve linen through our linen reuse program.    


4c. Waste production  

  • We measure our waste production at the sub meter at the end of every month. From general waste and recyclables to glass and kitchen waste are all measured and managed by our green company called ‘Panda’.  

  • To reduce our waste usage, we carry out a number of different methods in many aspects of the hotel. Within the kitchen, we are controlling portion sizes, constantly menu planning to assist in supply / demand and consistently training our team in food safety guidelines to reduce the risk of food spoiling. Alongside this, we have recycling bins within each kitchen. One caters for food waste and the other recyclable materials like cardboard, paper & plastic. 

  • Going forward, we aim to create a reduce, reuse & recycling opportunity to all guests and local communities by having recycling bins readily available on the hotel grounds. 

  • We regularly measure and review our waste production and aim to reduce the consumption by 5% within 12 months. 


Statement from Umbrella Policy: 

We ask our hotels to engage in the following reduction activities over the next 12 months: 

  • apply a reduce, reuse, recycle policy in all hotels 

  • Recycle x% of all waste 

  • Evaluate all purchases - engage in pre-cycling and ensure that items come with reusable packaging/containers where possible 

  • Commit to using non-disposable products where possible 

  • Educate guests on how to recycle properly and how to use recycling bins in all guest bedrooms and public areas 

  • Educate team members on recycling best practices and on food waste reduction 

  • Focus on food compost reduction and on seasonality of food produce where possible  

  • Change to bulk guest toiletries  

  • Select low environmental impact cleaning agents from Ecolab  


  1. Ethical purchasing 

  • When purchasing goods, we ensure that we use Fairtrade suppliers where possible. 

  • Crowne Plaza signed a code of conduct on ethical purchasing which entails use of fair labour and preference for organically produced items, bulk purchasing & asking suppliers to produce more eco-friendly packaging.   

  • We aim to adopt an environmentally preferably purchasing approach in order to choose products and services that carry out the same purpose but at a reduced negative impact on society and the environment. 

  • Printing reports, SOP’s & menus double sided. 


  • Statement from Umbrella Policy: 

We ask our hotels to engage in the following activities over the next 12 months: 

  • When purchasing goods, ensure that we favour locally sourced products where possible  

  • Commit to reducing, reusing & recycling packaging 

  • Buy products in bulk where possible to reduce the amount of packaging and transport related emissions  

  • Set office printers to double sided printing by default 

  • Start using the ecolab el index 


  1. Carbon offsetting  

  • At Crowne Plaza Dundalk we are committed to reducing our carbon footprint as much as possible and to offsetting the remainder with a trusted partner. We are currently working with South Pole to offset our emissions. We prioritise reducing our impact first by:  

  • Adapting a Cycle to Work scheme to give team members the opportunity to get involved 

  • Using a waste management company that ensures waste does not enter landfills and instead is recycled into useful material for agriculture. 

  • Implementing a green engage scheme within our rooms and outlets 

  • Reducing our resource consumption (energy, water and waste) 

  • We will aim to market hybrid meeting where possible 

  • Installation of more sensor lights throughout the hotel where possible 


Statement from Umbrella Policy: 

We ask our hotels to start measuring and reducing our carbon footprint and locating an offsetting partner and to develop a carbon reduction plan within the next 12 months by: 

  • Utilizing the business calculator to establish our carbon footprint 

  • Use energy efficient light bulbs 

  • Use digital conferencing for internal meetings where possible 

  • Conserve water 

  • Recycle waste 

  • Put reduce, reuse, recycle policy in place 

  • Educate our team members on carbon footprint reduction 

  • Research information on potential carbon offsetting partners 


  1. Responsible sustainability marketing 


  • We understand the importance of effectively communicating our green goals and environmental ambitions. We are very aware of the unfortunate prevalence of greenwashing and are actively committed to ensuring that our products and services have genuine and real world positive impact.  We will cornerstone all of our business activities and marketing communications with environmentally positive targets. We will proactively reduce our carbon footprint with profound effect and communicate our company’s journey through our efforts. 

Statement from Umbrella Policy: 

We ask our hotels to: 

  • Implement marketing guidelines 

  • Ensure that marketing messages are honest and accurate  


  1. Social responsibility  

  • We support our local community by liaising with Dkit college and accepting students for work placement as part of their education. We also hold TED talks to hospitality students expressing the many opportunities that hospitality offers. We are also the main host for the Irish Blood Donation every year and ensure true hospitality is experienced to all who donate. 

  • We aim to tie in with Louth tidy towns litter scheme and play our part to our local community alongside constantly improving our corporate social responsibility. 

  • We aim to do more charity based work and have recently created a committee where we will share ideas on fund raising for chosen charities in a Covid-19 safe way.  


Statement from Umbrella Policy: 

We ask our hotels to participate in both group and local charity events within the next 12 months.  


  1. Supporting Biodiversity  


  • We aim to support biodiversity within our hotel by planting an array of native flowers within our garden. This will then have a knock on effect on attracting the bees where we can than educate our guests and team members on the bees importance on preserving biodiversity. We also aim to maintain our hedges as we understand the importance these structures play to biodiversity and will ensure we abide by the hedge cutting period. 

  • Our hotel only uses Ecolab chemicals for all cleaning which aids in biodiversity. 

  • We aim to become a member of Crann which aids in the planting and protection of trees within Ireland. 


We ask our hotels to conserve local biodiversity within the next 12 months by:  

  • Using only Ecolab chemicals which protect biodiversity 

  • Join the All-Ireland Pollinator Plan and implement at least one activity 

  • Sign up to Crann